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How big are the containers?

Containers come in two lenghts: 20 foot and 40 foot. They are 8 feet wide, at the widest point and 8 feet high. So, the 40 ft. container is around 320 sq. ft. and the 20 ft. container is around 160 sq. feet.

How much do they weigh?

Finished, unfurnished container weights - 2o foot: Approximately 5000 lbs. 40 foot: Approximately 9800 lbs

How does delivery work?

We can currently deliver container homes to all US states except AK and HI (those are coming soon). Your container arrives on a large truck. The delivery area just needs to be clear; we cannot drive over large rocks, debris, etc. The ground also needs to be dry; trucks will get stuck in mud or sand.

What does delivery cost?

Delivery is from one of our central or east Texas construction facilities. Demand volume and resources (e.g. labor and materials availability) will determine the exact location in TX where your container is constructed. The charge for delivery is $2 per mile, up to 2000 hundred miles. It drops to $1.50 per mile, after that. So if your location is 2500 miles from the construction site, the delivery charge would be: 2000 mi x $2 = $4000 + 500 mi x $1.50 = $750 = $4750 total delivery charge.

Who sets up the electrical and water connections?

You will need to hire a contractor to connect the electrical and plumbing infrastructure to your container, at your site. Containers can connect to regular electrical and plumbing supply lines, just like any other home. If you have well water, a septic tank, regular power lines or are planning to use a generator, your container home will connect to any of these systems. If you need help finding the right contractor in your area, just let us know and we can help with this.

Is there financing avaialble?

There is... but honestly, financing terms on container homes are not great (this is not within our control). Most lenders look at containers as "chattel" and not real estate and so charge interest rates of 12-20% or more in some cases. Having said that, we may be able to assist with some finacing options. Book a call or reach out via the contact form to learn more.

Are container homes safe?

Yes. In many ways, even more so than a conventional, stick built home. Containers are made out of metal and they're heavy; you can also use tie-downs for extra secure stability, similar to a mobile home. Most customers just place their containers right onto a pad or directly on to the ground, however. The shipping containers that we source are of the very best quality. They are rated "Cargo Worthy (CWO)", which means: There are no leaks or holes Strong, functional floors Solid welded construction Our container homes are built out with all new modern materials. AC462 certified materials (ICC international co council, IBC int. Business code, IRC int. Residential code). CO2 and smoke detectors are standard in all our containers.



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